Welcome to Bridgewood!

This is the land of the lazy, the land of the forgotten and the forgetful. Come join this group of misfits as they try and overcome their uselessness and find treasures to make their lives actually worth something.

Have you ever thought to yourself; ‘Why don’t I have that kind of money?’ ‘Why don’t I have that awesome job?’ ‘Why does my life suck so much?’ Well then it’s time to get off that bar stool, put down that pint of mead, and go on a road trip to find a short cut to all of your dreams…treasure! No need for hard work or actually earning things in life, just go out there and take what you want! I mean, what’s the worse that could happen, right?

This is a tabletop RPG idea set in a fantasy world. I’d like to do this in person but due to the fact I am anywhere from Orange County to Los Angeles for the next few months, doing this online might be the best route. Get a Google+ account, get a web cam. Lets make this happen mid to late October…?

Banner image photograph owned by Sander van der Wel


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